Thinking sometimes leads to conviction…

Be careful in this post…you just might get convicted. I did. 😳 I just let the “pen” flow toward the end and it gets a little harsh…don’t bristle…just let the Holy Spirit work…

Too often we try to be too much. I had a friend say to me recently that the local physical church is not meant for lost people. I immediately bristled when she said this, but she went on to explain….the church is for believers. I still had a hard time wrapping my head around what she said, and though I’m not sure I completely agree, I want to go there today.
I think we, as Christians try too hard to be too much sometimes. God said to love Him and love others. He said to go and make disciples. Could it be that we are so unsuccessful as a church body because we have lost our focus?
We are so focused on what the world is going to think of our church when and if they visit that we make sure Sunday mornings go off without a hitch, but visitation is dead. We have a multitude of Christians show up to be fed on Sunday morning and 20 (on a great night) show up to Tuesday night visitation to actually GO and win people to Christ. Have we lost the point in the mix of doing all of these good works?
Is it a good thing to have a quality preschool department that people feel safe leaving their babies with strangers in? Absolutely. Is a good thing to have a relevant, bible based children’s ministry that teaches our children principles from the Word? Totally! Do we need a student ministry that is teaching our students how to live their faith out where ever they are and why thy believe what they believe? YES! Do we need great music? Great preaching? Media, tech, Wednesday night meals, Senior Adult ministry, activities, etc etc??? Yes! A resounding YES!
But, why…WHY have we become Christians who think that people can only get saved at church during an alter call or at a big event???! Why have we become so lazy? Please understand that I’m speaking to myself right now too…I’m am feeling some major conviction about this right now.
I pose the questions….
When was the last time you talked to someone about God outside of church and your Christian realm of friends?
When was the last time you led someone to give their life to Christ and follow Him outside of our “regular church hours”?
When was the last time you intentionally started a conversation with someone to tell them what God has done for you lately?
When was the last time you brought someone to church to be baptized into the body because you followed the command “Go and make disciples”?
It pains me to say that it’s been a while for me too…
God has done too much for me to live in my comfy home with my comfy family and just go to church to have a comfy Christianity.
No more.
It’s time to rise up, child of God, and wage war! Fight the battle! Souls are being lost in eternity to Satan because he fights like he’s got nothing to lose! We are the REAL victors and we sit back and hold tight to our life vest and cry like a little girl! Suck it up and do the hard stuff. GO out there and share the Good News! Quit whining about how you can’t or don’t know how. Learn how. Open your bible. Pray. Be discipled. People are dying? Do you care?

Under conviction,


4 thoughts on “Thinking sometimes leads to conviction…

  1. “Do we need great music? Great preaching? Media, tech, Wednesday night meals, Senior Adult ministry, activities, etc etc??? Yes! A resounding YES!”

    I would answer a resounding NO! While there is nothing inherently wrong with this type of outreach, a church body that becomes so involved in doing things may (I say will) lose the idea of truly meeting people’s spiritual needs by trying to hard to meet their physical and entertainment “needs”. It becomes the focus of the church and things go awry.

    I think what a church needs is a congregation that is taught and encouraged to be who they really are in Christ and to accept outsiders as they really are without Him.

    I believe many people would rather have someone honestly listen to them for a half hour or so than have another plate of chicken spaghetti handed to them.

    1. These things are necessary in my opinion. I think if we can have an orchestra we should. We should worship with every instrument possible. Of course, rarely do we worship anymore. I think Wednesday night meals are a great benefit! Is it needed? No. Does it make getting to church a million times easier for families? YES! I agree with you in some of those that we don’t “need” them…I probably should have specified a little more. Is there any harm in them…ehh, probably not….just when that’s our only focus, which was the point of my whole blog 🙂

      1. The whole point of this blog was do we get so focused on doing all of these things “top notch” so that the church is “ready” when the sinner comes TO US, that we have forgotten to GO? Do whatever your church does well, but don’t forget that God didn’t give us the command in the great commission to sit in the lobby and welcome people, or sit at a Wednesday night and listen to someone’s problems. He called us to go and make disciples. Those other things are part of loving your neighbor….

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